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Hopefully everyone reading this article right now has, or will, make something special of their lives. I know I'm going to give it my darndest to lead some kind of unique life. Now, I'm only 16 years old, so I have longer than other people to decide what I want to do with my life. However, I'd like even a little more time.

As you raise your eyebrow to that last statement and think, "This kid must be some psycho workaholic..." let me make a little something known. Remember seeing a child play, say, a piano? I'm talking about a kid who's under 10 years old. I'm sure you've seen a seven year old go up and play Chopsticks or some other simple melody on a piano. When you saw that, you probably thought, "Wow, that's pretty good. Really good, in fact!"

However, think to a time when you saw an adult play the piano, and specifically play a longer, tougher piece of music. Were you as impressed once you saw the player? Probably not. More than likely you thought something like, "Well, sure, he's older. He better be able to play something longwinded like that!" Now hold on with me here, it gets a little tricky.

Younger kids get special reactions. Adults understand (or at least think they understand) that young children 'don't know any better.' It's that idea of, "Wow, they did that without even knowing that that's a tax deduction!"

It's these same adults that look at a kid who look at young children misbehaving and think, "Oh, that kid doesn't know hitting the teacher is wrong. We'll tell the kid it's bad, and he'll be better informed." Now, I wholeheartedly believe some young kids do things without knowing any better. I know I did a few times when I was little!

However, I never did some of the things that kids are now doing. Let's say a boy punches a teacher. Do you know what happens to this young lad? Well, he'll probably get a firm talking-to from the teacher, probably even the principal, that he shouldn't do that again. From then on the boy knows that hitting a teacher is wrong.

But what if that boy hits the teacher again? Or hits another student? The kid already learned that it's wrong to do that, and yet he did it again.

special treatment, and we're spending money on them even tho they won't become leaders, or maybe NOTHING productive in society.

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... Hopefully everyone reading this article right ...

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