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Popularity is a very strong power. It controls people. Nations have been won and lost just because of it. People's lives have been destroyed by it.

And yet, it is wanted by everybody.

I don't think that I can safely say that there is a single person reading this article that can truly say, "I really don't care if I'm popular or not." If you say this, you're essentially saying you could live your life just by yourself, even while the rest of the world does its thing around you. It'd mean that you would be hunky-dory if you didn't have any friends, people didn't enjoy talking with you, and if you never had anyone to discuss things about.

I believe none of us would feel particulary okay in any of these situations. In fact, most of us would feel downright depressed. Unfortunately, more people than you think go through life like this.

Now I'm not going to go delving into the realm of sadness that is being unpopular. At least, not just yet. First, let's venture off into the dream land that is popularity. (Assume that we're talking about a guy in utopia.)

Here in the utopia that is "being popular," lots of great things happen. Women are free and easy to come by. Friends are at every turn.

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... Popularity is a very strong power. It control...

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