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Why is the political system the way it is? Everyone's always bickering over something, and there will never be an end to it all. We've still got a huge debt left over from who-knows-when (I believe the crazy, zany, way-too-much-hair 80s) . We've got a surplus of money, and we've got a bunch of people who are starting to get to the age where they want that money in the form of social security. We also still have starving people on the streets, as well as people who still try to take advantage of the government.

Couldn't we streamline government? I mean, really, just cut off the fatty beer gut of the government. It's not helping us; heck, it's weighing us down, stopping us from being able to run with the cool, athletic people when they come over.

And that's not to mention the incredible idiots we have behind some of these positions. I mean, not just bad choices, but lack of action, non-thinking, and selfish jerk-ism are all playing way too huge of a role in politics.

I, for one, am not rich. I have not made "my first million" yet. I don't have my bank account partitioned off into a few separate "entertainment" sections. In fact, I don't even have a *real* job. Heck, maybe that's the American dream!

Anyhow, I'm not rich. I wouldn't mind having some more money. In fact, I'd enjoy that quite a bit. I mean, think about it; what would you really do if you had a million dollars just lying around? Phew...

However, I'd have to say money is like a drug: once you get a taste of it, you'll keep wanting more and more. Let's say "Phred" decides to make an internet startup. He sees success, then makes a couple million with his company's stock. What does he do with it? Well, he cashes it in so he can invest in other companies, hopefully making more money for himself!

And you know what a lot of people in the government want to do to this guy? Back him up on his risk-taking ventures! "Hey, you've got a lot of money! Since we got a lot of tax from you, I want to give you a lot back, too." If I could respond to this statement that's implied by some politicians, I'd say, "What about us average folks? Shouldn't we, the ones who didn't have money in the first place, benefit?" I believe he'd respond, "Oh, yes, of course!" while his paid henchmen would grab me and toss me into a bucket of cement.

Why can't we stop this idiocy? I'm sorry to say, but don't have tax cuts for the rich. They have plenty of ways to keep that bank account nice 'n high; heck, they're the ones who can afford to have the financial advisors that many poorer people need!

You know who needs the tax cuts? Aside from yourself (something a politician would say) , that poor mom who's struggling with three kids who were abandoned by their father. That disabled man who's been trying to land a steady job since his accident, but just can't seem to impress his employers enough. That poor college kid who, amazingly enough, isn't wasting a hundred bucks each weekend on beer, and still is struggling to keep the checkbook in the black ink.

However, I can't be naive here. Those people who we keep on electing will continue to make silly promises at every concern that comes within a mile of their face and/or their approval rating. But that's the catch: only the ones that we keep on voting for will do this. It may have taken me sixteen years of my life to figure this out (yes, laugh at that) , but I've finally realized that voting really does count.

Now, don't be fooled into believing some of the silly stories like, "Our country's language became English over German by just one vote." That's silly, and there's even a very silly mistake behind that fabricated story. One vote all by itself, with no other votes backing it up, really can't make much of a difference. But the great thing about voting is that not just one person does it: everyone can!

If you have a concern or idea that you think needs to get into the heads of a huge amount of people, you sure can do it! Just look at how much of our time these singular presidential hopefuls have sucked away from us, and you can see that it's still able to control mass amounts of people. Or, if not control, at least distract or put in disbelief long enough to really screw things up.

And disbelief would be the thought I'd like to leave you with. A good science fiction writer's main goal is to suspend disbelief for as long as possible; I'd say a politician's main goal these days is to suspend disbelief that he could ever do anything wrong in his life. Excuse me while I go hurl.

I don't have a separate bank account that's just for entertainment. In fact, I'm still one of those crazy people who is happy with my current material goods: I like my house, my computer, and my TV. I'm satisfied with them all; I don't particularly anything more right now in that department.

So why are so many people getting rich and never looking back at us content crazies? Way too many people want to give money back to these already-rich people; why? They'll just go off and spend it on some new boat, airplane, or other extraneous thing. We've got people starving here in our own state: if you're a rich person, could you not wait a couple of months before getting another boat, and donate

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