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Unfortunately, I think this year Iíve been pretty much coming to school, going through the motions, not causing much of a stir or anything. Iíve just been going with the flow. Getting good grades, not behaving badly or anything, just kind of being passive about my education. To teachers and administrators, thatís good. One less kid to have to think about. One more to add to the list of, "Hey, I don't have to see this kid every week for being hauled into jail."

Now, this is great for people who work with bad kids. Less stuff to deal with. In reality, I think many of the kids who go to BHS are "good kids." They come to school, don't cause much of an uproar, and go home and do little piddly social-life things. See a problem? Most people don't.

I do. And I growl and snarl at the problem, with my face turning beet red and smoke coming out my ears.

The problem is not too obvious until you really take a close look at it. So, take that look: all those kids, way too many kids, are just coming to school, dabbling in a little something for a quick fifty-two minutes before moving onto the next class. Nothing too in-depth, or for too long of a time, before moving onto something else. Plus, they're all by themselves, with the aide of just one teacher for every twenty kids each period.

Yes, just one teacher for every twenty kids. Sometimes one teacher for twenty five or thirty kids! For a lecture, sure, this is fine. But in high school, the teachers should be interacting and teaching kids, not giving the students some enormous amount of information and expect them to condense into a notecard while taking notes.

But wait! There are kids who get special teachers! These kids usually have some learning difficulty, problems at home, or just didn't acquire the skills to learn well earlier in life. There's nothing wrong with these kids using teachers to help them. This will give these kids chances that these same kids, in earlier years, didn't have. Years ago, the most a child with a real learning disability could strive to become was a grunt who would work at a quarter of the pay other, more learned people would get. However, today we're taking our time to make sure kids with learning disabilities get the treatment and help they need.

That's good. But some kids are getting assistance unnecessarily. These are the kids that are beyond the scope of a simple teacher aide at school. The kids with serious mental problems that extend outside of the classroom. The kids who need physical restraint every day just to keep them from hurting themselves or others.

Let's just admit it: these kids can learn in school, but first they need real help to figure out the mess going on in their heads. These kids should not be getting assistance in school! They must be kept out of school, since they're making the learning environment a lot worse for the "good kids" who get their butts to class!

I get pretty good grades. Suffice to say, Iím happy with them. Definitely. Many other kids would be ecstatic with my grades.

I also have a good personal life. To name a couple of things, Iím not getting drunk every Saturday night. Some people would think thatís a bad personal life. Well, whatever you say...

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... Unfortunately, I think this year Iíve been pre...

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