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I get good grades. I'm pretty much on time to class all the time. And you know what? Iíve never gotten horribly drunk (or drunk at all, for that matter) in my life!

With all the Dawson's-floorboards Creek shows on TV right now, it seems like Iím the exception rather than the norm. However, I don't believe this is so. Iíll stay good 'n naive until I see it for myself that a lot of kids are horrible people deep down. There are lots of kids who just come to school, sit through the classes, act well-behaved, absorb as much information as they can, and go home to do little piddly, trivial things in their social life.

However, these kids are not causing undue trouble in school. They're learning what they can, and try not to offset the learning experience for others. They're what Iíll call "good kids" in this article.

There are, unfortunately, a small minority of "bad kids" in schools, too. They try to upset the learning environment in bad ways. I don't mean asking a question that seemed a little bit silly; I'm talking about constantly talking, or making snide remarks at a teacher, or making other kids feel uncomfortable and out of place in the class, plus a whole bunch of other offenses.

From what I just said, you'd probably think that I've seen a whole lot of horrible acts in our schools. While it's true that I have, I've also seen a lot of good. Now, that's good. But, since I want to make the world a better place *campy grin* , I want to figure out how we can stop more "bad kids" from being created. I really hope I don't sound like an adult here...

The one thing I can't understand is how much attention bad kids get. They get attention from their peers, sure. Usually, "Holy crap, I can't believe he's doing that," sort of attention.

But, angrily enough (this is where my ears start to get red and smoke spouts from me ears) , these kids get all sorts of attention from administration and the school. If a kid has done something particularly bad, he has to go and have a chat with the upper management of the school, otherwise known as the vice principal. No, he doesn't get punishment. First he has a nice little chat (which is really not very nice at all) with some big, influential-around-the-school person.

Why don't good kids get the same treatment? What about the kids who come to school every day and just hang in with the status quo? It's really not good, nor very fun, to just go along blindly with what every teacher says. But a lot of kids do just that. Eventually, they'll tire of being boring, and will eventually figure out, "Hey, I can stir up trouble at school, and probably be looked at upon as being more interesting by my peers!" And there you have it. A "good kid" turning "bad."

I suggest some good stuff start happening to kids who don't cause any trouble. Currently, a kid who is well behaved in school is looked upon as not much than less worries by many teachers and administration there. That's not all bad, but I think "good kids" deserve more. Bad kids have programs to help them sort out their lives (Alcoholics Anonymous, millions of study skills courses, anger management, and millions of other programs) . Why don't good kids get rewards?

Yes, that's right! I mean, we're employing people to help out kids who cannot make any rewarding benefit to society! Why not employ people who help out kids who really have the guts (and also those who could get the guts) to make a powerful, great contribution to society? Just think what a better place the world would be if we could fully use the potential of people, instead of just ignoring people who do good?

Don't give me any of the crap about "Oh, there are programs for good kids! Just look at all the prizes and scholarships good kids can win!" Oh yeah? What, those contests where tens of thousands of kids from across the country all submit entries, in hope that they'll just happen to pick at the eyes of judges are who looking for the kids of the corporate big-wigs who paid them to create this program? Yeah, almost all the opportunities "good kids" have right now are all thanks to corporate America. It's those fast food joints and clothing apparel that try to raise their stock prices by having some silly little writing contest that only students can enter to show that, "our company really cares about kids, if they can improve our bottom line." As if some student's so-called eloquent words on why they like Big Macs should account for anything in today's world...

Who makes the news? Bad guys! Do people really want to read about all that bad stuff? I truly think not. Let's start putting good, positive news in our newspapers! Try it! If you want to see it, write to your local newspaper!

I havenít had a tardy yet this year at BHS. Thatís good! Lots of kids are tardy. Some are tardy a lot. Some donít care about a single thing in their life except what the best looking guy/girl in the school is wearing today

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