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Public schooling was one of the great ideals that our nation, the United States of America, was founded upon. It is a great privelage for every child in the nation to be guaranteed the opportunity to receive a free education. Back when it was originally thought up, this ideal of schooling for everyone was a huge change from the rest of the nations of the world. Our founding fathers, using massive creativity and humanity, decided that if they wanted to have a truly great nation, everyone in the nation should be educated.

Now, two hundred years later, I like to believe we still hold true to this ideal. Even if the people receiving this free education take it for granted, I still like to think that itís benefiting people. When just one person doesnít see that this right gives them the opportunity to become a truly great person, a huge amount of potential for the world becoming a better place is lost.

Thereís an unfortunate thing about our public schools, however. Theyíre way too clouded by groups of people making accusations and doing other bad things that generally hurt the learning process for students. From violence, rumors, and idiocy to bad administration and un-motivated teachers.

Thereís also another thing that interferes with public school, and itís something that a large percentage of the country does in its private lives. Now if youíll think rationally for a moment, youíll figure out what Iím talking about: religion.

Oh no. Now youíre either uncomfortable or really angry. Why? Everyone who is so totally sure that religion should be in school is totally convinced, and no one can change their mind no matter what evidence is put in front of them. All the other people who either believe school and church should not be mixed or havenít made up their mind on the topic yet are feeling uncomfortable, since discussing religion is something that isnít usually taken lightly. I donít believe it should be, either.

To get my point of view on religion in schools, Iíll put it bluntly: no! Thatís right, with an exclamation point, as to indiciate, "um, duh!"

In fact, I don't even have to be really intricate with the words I choose to back up my belief, either, since it says right in the documents that founded our great country. In the FILLTHISINWITHCONSTITUTIONORSOMETHING, in line BLAHBLAH of paragraph BLAHBLAH it says, "let the church and state be separated."

So, two rabbis were out golfing...

Whoa, wait a second! Just joking there! But thatís one of the problems with having any kind of religion in school: there are so many different faiths

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