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I have to make a bug collection. Is this not the stupidest idea to have ever come across the minds of science teachers? What's the point of this? "Here, let's make the kids kill a bunch of bugs, pin the tiny buggers down, and then criticize them for not pinning them in the right place after they've struggled to come up with some grossly insane number of bugs. I think this'll be fun!"

Of course, I'm writing this while I have to go through the torture of making this collection. When I'm done, maybe I'll have a different outlook on the whole project. However, today, September 13, 1999, I'm going out on a limb and saying that my life won't seem too much more filled as a result of doing this collection. Also, I don't even know how many more bug species I'll be able to identify after this. I can identify a few more leaves after doing so many leaf collections, but after doing one singular bug collection, I somehow doubt I'll become a, uh... bug whiz.

Of course, don't forget to mention the religious implications here (watch as I go out on a stretch here) . There is almost no modern day religion that looks kindly upon killing. Now, each religion usually looks specifically down upon killing another human. However, many places it simply says that you shouldn't kill, period. So is our school system going to keep us out of religious nirvana because we have to collect a few measly bugs? I sure hope not... if it does, you'll hear a lawsuit from many people to Bismarck Public Schools.

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