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Recently, as I was walking home from my school (yes, I walk sometimes, and I enjoy it!) , the air was warm. It was surprising for me how warm outside it was, really. Thus, snow was melting very quickly, and every nook and cranny of the streets filled up with dirty, slimy water. Also out that day on the road were cars. One car happen to go out of its way to make a wall of water for me to be drenched in.

As I was standing there, the right side of my coat dribbled with mud-water, I thought about why anyone would do this on purpose. I was surprised it happened at all, that being the first time I was drenched like that. What enjoyment does this give to a person by making others unhappy? Iím guessing this particular incident only happened because there were large amounts of water roaming the streets. If it were any other time of the year, I suppose the driver wouldíve just driven up onto the sidewalk and crippled me with his car. For this, I thank the water.

But what makes people do bad things? Sure, weíve all done bad things in our life. Itís impossible not to.

Iíd like to thank that wall of water, again, for giving me the idea to write this. Itís amazing what getting soaked will do to a guy!

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... Recently, as I was walking home from my school...

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