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What do bleached hair, baggy jeans, and chains have in common? Other than those being the strict dress code of all males who live in California, and the casual wear uniform for the Republic of Ireland national soccer team, it may appear to be nothing. But once you know the history of these three items, youíll soon find the signifigance of these things and many more.

First of all, if you ask pretty much most anyone, most people will agree with you that most people need a sense of identity. It happens in every culture. Whether you be in ye olde England and you need to steal from the rich, give to the poor, and then get rich yourself; in Spain in the 1400s and be the radical thinker of your time with ideals that the Earth isnít flat; or even in Washington D.C. standing up for what you believe in, pretty much everybody needs a sense of belonging.

So what does wearing pants you could fit two people in have to do with having a sense of identity? Well, it was just like the ideas stated above, only presented in a different context. I mean, when you think of someone who steals from the rich and gives to the poor, you probably think of Robin Hood. But when you think of someone who wears baggy jeans, youíll more than likely picture a guy you saw on the evening news who was forcefully being escorted away from a crime scene.

Though you may not think those incidents are closely related, they are. And itís not because both of those people were committing crimes. It was because they were both trying to find their place in this world. Robin Hood, although committing some illegal crimes, was doing what we wanted to be known for. The guy at the crime scene maybe didnít want to be known as a criminal, but more than likely he wanted to be known for something, and that was one way to get some attention.

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