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And now a story. *Ahem.*

As the quiet morning rose anew above the 14th century midievel town, a loud craw went out from the rooster. Although not a large city in size, it was very densely populated and, when the town was awakened by the rooster, the town instantly came alive with lively sounds and sights. Soon everyone was talking and visiting like there had been no evening.

After a relatively short time, the rooster let out another large craw, and the people became almost instantly quiet. They all knew something was about to happen.

Just then, a booming footstep could be heard coming from a great castle at one end of the village. Out stepped a person who was surprisingly small for the power they seemed to have over this village. With a mighty roar to the townsfolk, the few who were still socializing were quiet at once.

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... And now a story. *Ahem.* As the quiet morning ...

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