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The Rolling Stones are coming to Fargo in February. This will be a huge event for big Rolling Stones fans living in North Dakota, which definitely includes me. People have scampered all around November and December trying to get tickets, and by now they should already be sold out. The few exceptions will be a few scalpers who will stand outside the Fargodome the night of the concert pushing off nosebleed-section tickets for $400 a pop.

Now, this concert will be great for North Dakota in many ways. Itíll bolster Fargoís economy by selling mad amounts of food, hotel rooms, souvenirs, and so on. If enthusiasm is as great as itís expected to be about the concert, it may get more groups interested in performing here in North Dakota. Plus, itíll satisfy every big Rolling Stone fan here in North Dakota whoís had to endure the trials of going out of state to see them play. These are all great things, but there are a few things that have turned out wrong about this concert, although theyíre not even directly related to the Rolling Stones playing here at all!

You see, ticket prices for the Stones over there in Fargo range from $40, all the way up to $125. To the average North Dakotan, thatís a bit much money to spend on a few hours entertainment. Heck, some people will spend $20 at a bar getting plastered, and will have more fun than they wouldíve had at some little music concert!

But a lot of the Rolling Stonesís biggest fans here in North Dakota are those who donít exactly have the means of getting money to pick up $60-$70 tickets and pay for a hotel room on top of that, drive to Fargo on a school/work day, and get all the necessary things such as little souvenir pieces of crap, including the ever-popular Tommy Hilfiger Special Edition Rolling Stones jeans. A lot of fans (once again including myself) canít really just skip a day of school or work to get a ride to one end of the state, not to mention scrounging up $70 for a three-hour concert!

See whatís in common with all these things Iím talking about? Yes, thatís right...Money! Everything here requires gobs and gobs of cash just laying about! Okay, now that may sound a bit silly and, if youíre really a Rolling Stones fan, you will probably pay almost anything to get to see them live in North Dakota. In fact, the ticket prices are apparently a lot lower than in other cities. Tickets go up to $250 in Tampa, Florida, for example.

But, because of all these factors going against true fans, the only people who will really be able to attend are people with a lot of money, or people with way too much time on their hands. Most people donít fall into these categories, so what weíll see is a lot of rich people who can afford to miss work/school, and who probably donít have much of a passion for the Rolling Stones. Why would they be coming to the concert if they didnít like the Stones?

Itís very simple. The Rolling Stones concert may easily be turned into a social event, which Iím defining here in this article as an event thatís something you just ďhave to be seen at.Ē A bunch of people there, paying more attention to how they look and who gets to see them there, than at the wonderful music thatís being played on stage. A very sickening thought indeed. Just because you have a big sack of money doesnít mean youíre cool!

To prevent this from happening, I encourage everyone with tickets who really isnít a true fan of the Rolling Stones to give or, yes, sell them to some one whoíd appreciate it much more. Even if youíre not seen there, who cares? Tell them you were cool and went to the Garth Brooks concert...

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