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"So, what are you doing for the new millennium?" Aside from the fact that the new millennium begins in 2001 (a very, very small point) , this is a pretty common question that you've probably been asked quite a few times already. It could be possible that it now induces nausea since you've heard it so much, a similar reaction many people will have upon hearing that darn Titanic song again.

Looking at that nausea-inducing sentence again, you may notice it's actually poorly worded. To answer it in the true literal meaning, you'd say what you'd be doing for the next thousand years, not just at midnight of December 31st. Even the most organized of us are a little shady as to what we'll be doing beyond, say, the next week or two.

However, I believe I've found an answer to even the literal meaning of the question. At least, I know what I'll be doing: thinking. And I hope that everyone else will be thinking when this new millennium comes around, too.

Take a moment to think about what the world is like right now (here's where the thinking starts) . Currently, we have a big school of about one thousand kids going about their own thing, each having a relatively small circle of friends, not caring what the majority of the other people in the school are doing. There's no real unifying element in the school, save the half-naked seniors running around during a pep rally.

One need only look at all the thoughtless actions that take place during the day to see the lack of thinking in our school. Some anonymous face cuts in front of you in the lunch line. Somebody can't seem to stop their mouth from emanating sound during class. Someone doesn't flush the toilet. Idiotic things like these happen every day, and they could be eliminated if the people committing these acts would just think for even three seconds.

Think how much better the next thousand years, heck, even the next couple of months, would be if everyone just put a little more thought into their lives. Not even necessarily thinking more about their schoolwork. I mean, really, to be truthful, not too many of us will have to know the scientific equation for the components of fire. However, many of us will need to know how to be able to think on our feet at some point in our lives, and a little practice will sure help you out. It also won't hurt your grades any, either.

Don't know when to think? Anytime at all will do. Walking down the hall, sitting on the can, or even sitting in class. Instead of whispering dumb things to that beautiful girl who sits beside you, why not think about something totally unrelated to her, something that will leave you with a much more satisfied feeling other than getting her to say "hello" back to you?

Times when you shouldn't think too deeply exist, too. Driving to school, and rock-climbing in Spain, for instance. Driving to school only takes around ten minutes, so as soon as you park your precious vehicle into your tight little space in the vast murkiness that is the BHS parking lot, let your mind roam to some territory it hasn't explored before... but only after turning off your lights.

Don't know what to think? Well, pretend you're walking down the hall between fifth and sixth period. Instead of just thinking, "Wow, that girl was hot, and I have lots of homework, and I need to go to the bathroom, and I blah blah blah," just let your mind wander. Don't think about things related to school or your social life. Think about places far away, or places close to home that maybe you've somehow forgotten about. One interesting thought you could chew over could be, "What can I do to help out that person who I always see in the hallway when I'm walking from this class?"

By now, you've probably figured out I really want you to think. I'm begging you to think more than you currently do. Heck, thinking is one way to cut boredom. Nothing good on TV? As weird, and almost stupid, as this may sound, try a little thinking. Maybe even close your eyes, get up, and walk around, seeing how far you can go without walking into something. Doing silly things like this is what really can spice up life, not going out and seeing how high up on a wall you can urinate. And don't try to tell me that hasn't been done...

So is it all agreed that we're going to start thinking more during this next millennium? I'm assuming it is, and I'll know that everyone is thinking more when I finally walk through the lunchroom and see tables of people sitting with their chins nestled deep in their hands, pondering the mysteries of life. If the people are sitting at the table in just an awkward silence, though, I'll be deeply disappointed, and will maybe start having to forget to flush the toilets myself.

You say you have no time, or don't have the know-how, to think? No problem, I'm here to put you on the course of thinking enlightenment. After reading the next few paragraphs, I guarantee that you'll be able to come up with such deep and thoughtful quotes as, "Art is the absence of practicality," "I have no self-esteem, but the biggest ego in the world," and "It's a dog-eat-dog world, and I'm wearing Milk Bone underwear!"

And it's really not too hard, either. Since there is no society class of peasants, everyone is, or at least should be, educated well enough to be able to put a lot of thought into many different topics, including, but not limited to, flushing the toilet.

The real benefits of putting more thought into life will be immeasurable for many people. However, just consider the following scenarios where a little bit of thought could help.

* Talking. Did you insult the girl you wanted to go out with on accident? It was probably because you weren't thinking about what was coming out of your mouth. Instead of insulting the guy who just tripped in the hall, say,

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