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It’s the year prior to a leap year, and you know what that means: presidential election campaigns! In a move that was unfortunately expected, this year’s campaigns began at an all-time early date. People were announcing their candidacy before our current president was even thinking about life after the White House. Well, that impeachment thingy maybe had him thinking about it...a little...

Anyway, as far as the campaigns go, there are two main groups of people that are at the top of the presidential race: Republicans and Democrats. There’s also the well-known, but little-supported, Reform party. If the rich people of the world really would combine inside the Reform party (Bill Gates, Ross Perot, Steve Forbes) , they could literally buy off an election by paying 50% of the people in 50% of the states to vote for them. However, since Ross Perot doesn’t use Windows 98 / Bill Gates is still angry over the rating Windows 98 received in Forbes magazine, we probably won’t be seeing this happen anytime soon.

Recently, we’ve been quite wrapped up with the idea of separation of church and state. I believe this is right, especially since this is what the original framers of the USA’s Constitution intended for. Even though we’ve had some questionable decisions recently dealing with, among other things, the Ten Comandments, the government has mostly upheld the separation.

However, a new

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... It’s the year prior to a leap year, and you kn...

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