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Itís the new year! The worst thing that happened was probably by some yutz who couldnít figure out how much alcohol he could willingly put down his throat before he got unknowingly angry. Hey, and it didnít involve computers shutting down, the footings of your house collapsing, or your water turning to wine! Amazing! It was... it was... just like *last* new years eve!

Or was it? Amazingly, I don't think so. Sure, there was a lot more partying going on in Bismarck-Mandan than usual. And apparently a lot of people had fun annoying the heck out of Chuck Bartholomay and Monica Hannon while they were reporting from the Civic Center. C'mon, people, I've seen enough screaming and pointing at the camera; at least do something original, like maybe streaking, or actually being really quiet.

I believe the new years celebrations for the year 2000 were actually the closest the world has ever come to an all-out, world-wide party. Think about it: there was almost not a single person who wasn't trying to enjoy themselves tonight, whether it be with entertainment, or just sitting beside a loved one.

And here's where I gotta hand it to the media: they really didn't disappoint. They covered everything. On Prairie Public Television, I got to see celebrations the entire day from around the world, commercial-free. This was worth... well, it was worth a lot! I also commend NBC, ABC, and CBS for doing good worldwide coverage for the new year. Not a single channel disappointed. Also, a big hand out to local NBC for covering straight from the Civic Center.

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... Itís the new year! The worst thing that happe...

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