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Everyone wants to own their own businesses now. All sorts of services are available to people wanting to start their own business venture, and usually from very respectable sources. Heck, if you would want to start your own specialty shop for collectors of turkey-related memoribelia, you could be up and running in just a few days!

However, with all the services available to business owners now, one thing is usually not well represented: the customerís viewpoint. Here are a list of things that will actually make a business better than it already is. Really!

The number one rule of any business is to cater to your customers. One way to do this is provide things to them that they need.

First off, clean bathrooms are a must. Silly, you say? Well, think about this: some people come into your store during a vacation. They havenít stopped at their hotel yet, and feel all grubby and icky from being on a plane all day. So where will they go? The bathroom!

If Iím in a store, and I go into a nice, clean bathroom, I have a good impression of the store. It means the store cares about me so much that it even made the toilet room a place of enjoyment

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