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Everyone wants to be cool. That's pretty much the general concensus. Being cool is the top of the peak for most school kids. Once you’ve attained coolness, there’s no turning back. Like the saying, "Once you go cool, you’ll never go back." At least it's something like that...

So the ultimate goal of school-children is to be cool. Why is this so important? Well, obviously, everyone wants to fit in. There's possibly no feeling worse than being totally left out of a group. Being excluded from any group feels bad, but being left out of a group you want to be in is excrutiatingly painful.

Seinfeld once said, "It's very important for people to be well-liked amongst a group of people [you] have no interest in." This is exactly what coolness is. When a teen's a "cool" person (I'll refer to all people as just "teen," though I'm talking about kids and adults as well) , the teen still are just like every other teen out there. He or she has a definite group of friends, certain "things" that the teen and his or her friends do, and opnions on what the teen likes and doesn't in a person.

When a teen is "cool," it almost seems as though the teen expects others to look upon them as, "I wish I was their friend. I like them." Not everyone feels that way about every "cool" teen, however. A very blunt example; Sadaam Hussein. He's "cool" in his own country...sure as heck doesn't mean I want to be friends with him.

Who decides who is cool, anyway? Does some almighty god of coolness say, "He will be cool. Amen," and all of a sudden they don some hip-hop-happening clothing? (Those clothes would currently be either Abercrombie and Fitch or, of course, the cool-person's staple clothing, Tommy Hilfiger.)

Some of the things that "cool" teens will do is baffling, startling, and hilarious all at the same time. There's one thing on the top of my head that strikes me as quite funny. There are plenty of kids (though not too common) that go around saying, "Man, my parents are uncool." "I don't like being around them." "They embarrass me."

Of course, many teenagers, especially those who are in middle school, are still seen with their parents a lot. The hilarity of it comes when you see a teen who, just earlier was complaining about their parents, is getting picked up at school by their parents. I guarantee, you'll laugh every time this happens if you ever hang around a middle school!

Cool kids also have a much different attitude than "normal" kids. It varies plenty from teen to teen, but I think one thing stays the same: superiority. It's the feeling that, "I'm cool, and that's all that matters. No one can take that away from me!"

Now, when most people read that previous statement, they think, "Boy, that's some kind of attitude they have." Really, though, is it such a bad attitude? I think that everyone could use a little of this attitude in them. Because in addition to such "cool" kids at school, there are also some kids who don't have nearly enough self-esteem. Some thinking that, "Hey, I'm a person, and I really count!" would help many kids out immensely.

But am I saying all "cool" teens are smart and are perfect? I don't even have to answer to that. Some "cool" kids are caught up in plenty of bad things. Drugs, smoking, booze...They're all problems that face "cool" kids. I believe "cool" kids could use a little uncooling sometimes. Acting with just a little less gaudyness may help some people...In fact, I know it would.

(By the way, I don't exactly consider myself "cool," nor unpopular. Just somewhere nicely in the middle where I've dug my own little niche.)

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... Everyone wants to be cool. That's pretty much...

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