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It's a little scary, a lot of fun, and in the end, it's food for thought. Those are three statements that came to my mind after taking the ninth grade tour of Bismarck High School.

One thought that stuck out in my mind quite vividly after the tour went something like the following paragraph:

Junior and Senior High are interesting times in one’s life. In just a few short years, 90% of the kids attending those schools will be out in the world in a typical job. In that job, they’ll do all the typical job things, such as the fake friendships within the office, demanding raises, over- and under-working themselves; all the regular job things. But here at these two schools, kids can finally take in one last breath of childishness. They can taunt their fellow peers without risk of being fired. They can make jokes at others’ expense without drawing the attention of the whole office. They can do things with the opposite gender that you wouldn’t dream of doing when you’re in your thirties.

Partially, it's because judgment of teens is, well, poor. Many teens just don’t think too many things through. The toughest decision teens think they have at this moment in time is: getting either the "Bose" or "Sony" speakers for their car; getting up the courage to ask out a crush on a date; trying to get their parents "off their backs;" and countless other worries that most people snicker at when they get to look at the problem from a distance.

Of course, these problems are also very real for the teens experiencing them. It is tough to get courage up to ask someone out for the first time; in some families parents can't see the side of their kids in certain situations; and many kids have trouble with grades and school-related activites in general.

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... It's a little scary, a lot of fun, and in the ...

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