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I am here today, your honor, to defend video games. If you will permit, I'd like to read off a pre-written script to the jury.

Video games are part of today's culture, like it or not. I, personally, like them. A lot! Many of you may think that video games are an item that we as a society could get along with, and for the better, without. I'm going to try to convince some of you why video games are really one of the greatest things ever created!

First, I'd like to start out by saying that you, or someone you know, probably has played a video game. You just can't get away from them. Whether it be a good ol' Nintendo Entertainment System or a fancy new San Francisco Rush arcade booth, you're bound to see one someday. There are also plenty of varieties of video games, from saving the princess and hopping on bad guys' heads, to racing through the streets of Paris, France, blowing up everything in your path!

And here's where the argument that video games are bad comes up. A great many people think that video games are horrible and violent things that only bring evil to the minds of people. They have a look at a somewhat bloody game like Mortal Kombat and sneer. They say it's way too violent for the age group it's targeted at, which is anything from seven year olds up to sixty year olds. While this might be true, you have to remember that this is a new generation we're talking about.

All of the baby boomers grew up with 'rebellous' music (Oooh, them Beatles sure were evil!) that their parents thought of as crude and ridiculous. One chorus of Elvis's 'All Shook Up' would make a great deal of people cringe at the thought.

But now take a look at current times. Teenagers' parents grew up with 'different' music, so what are we supposed to turn to to be different from our parents? Video games! That's why people flock to Mortal Kombat, Area 51 and all sorts of great games, in hopes to make themselves different.

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...I am here today, your honor, to defend video game...

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