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I'm not Dionne Warwick, so I'm guessing I might be pretty accurate with some predictions. So, here's my obligitory (as a writer, that is) predictions for the new year.

First of all, I predict that the 70's retro fad will pass by, and then the 80s will become the new retro look. Circles, squares, and triangles of all colors will be plastered everywhere...for a week or two. The country will soon tire of this icky fashion fad, and then our new style will be retro 90s. Yes, I know, the 90s aren't even over, but we'll already be going back to the time when dark, hunter greens and shades of tan were all the rage...Of course, we'll pretty much be staying in the same time, but those fashion nuts don't seem to care much...

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...I'm not Dionne Warwick, so I'm guessing I might b...

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