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“Mac sucks.” This statement has been repeated too many times for my liking, and here, today, I am going to show the whole world, in one teeny tiny little 800-word article, why Mac computers are the best on the earth. Try to stay with me and, if you get lost, you can always go to my web site at http://www.btigate.com/~funkboy for more reasons why Mac is the best. --No, I won’t have that in...

First of all, for the beginners to the computer realm, there are two big operating systems out there in the home and business market. One is called Windows, which was released in the late 80s, early 90s, and it’s made by Microsoft Corp. The other system is the Mac OS (OS stands for operating system) , which was made in 1984, and it is Made by Apple Computer Inc. There have been numerous fights and debates over a huge range of topics, so I won’t even get into all of that.

But, here’s one of my first reasons why Macs are better-the Mac OS was first, so that means that Apple went from nothing to a product, which was a lot harder to do than to pretty much just copy an idea which had already been done, which was mostly what Microsoft did, only they didn’t do it nearly as good as Apple did.

You see, the reason why Apple made such a revolution was because instead of having to type in line after line of commands into the computer, you instead could move a pointer around on the screen and click on little pictures, which proved light years easier than the text-based systems that were commonplace then.

So, you might ask, why did Apple even have somebody imitating them? Well, when Apple released its new OS, they also made a whole new processor for it to run on, which meant it wouldn’t work on the chips that most of the other computers in the nation were running. The other computers were running on ‘86 chips, while the Mac would be running on 020 chips. So that’s where Apple hit its first snag.

Because users who had the other processor wanted something like the Mac OS, Microsoft decided they should copy it so that those people with ‘86 processors wouldn’t go buy a different computer.

So, now that you knopw the history, what about the present? Well, Apple doesn’t sell as many units as Microsoft, so that means that Apple is in a bit of a money crunch.

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