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Teenagers love music. Me included! Now, I could just go on and on telling you the different sorts of music there is, but I figure you can find that out by looking at one of those incredibly annoying music catalogs that somehow are sent to you every month, even when they're addressed to an imaginary person! OK, that's just me giving off a bit of steam. Anyway...

Music is definetely one way to be different. There are different styles of music, different artists, different notes, different beats, even different ways to listen to music. Sometimes we choose one style of music to make ourselves different from everyone else. Iíll pick the band 'Six Tubs of Unused, Putrid-smelling and Ill-flavored Diodes,' or STUPID for short. Yes, STUPID is a hypothetical band, though I thought I saw their video on MTV the other day...Oh wait! That's just what I thought of some other band!

So, let's say you wanna be a STUPID maniac. So you go out, buy STUPID's new CD, and memorize all the lyrics. Then someone says to you at school, "You know, I got that song by dem Diode guys in my head. You know the name of it? It goes like, da-da-dut-dut-duhhhh! Dum-dum-da-da-duhhhh!"

Then you proudly say, "Why, that's from their newest single, 'I Forgot the Lyric Sheets at my Apartment, so Let's All Hum Something!' I got the CD, so ask me about any STUPID questions."

Then they retort, "Oh, OK! Man, I always thought those Diodes were dumb. Get away from me, loser." Then your plan backfires and you're still as unpopular as ever.

Another reason people like music is that, just like TV or the movies, it takes you to another time or place. Just listen to something like Beethoven's Symphony #9. It might just transport you to Europe, listening to the great composed pounding out his newest brainchild. Of course, it might also just remind you of music class in grade school! Either way, you probably will feel different when you hear different kinds of music.

STUPID's music, well, doesn't exactly transport you anywhere. It kind of has gives you a 'sick to your stomach' feeling, as quoted from Rolling Stone magazine. But, it still will probably move you somewhere, even if it is to the bathroom! Or maybe the teacher finds you listening to STUPID in class and says, "What stupid music!"

Then you quickly respond, "That's STUPID music to you, teacher." Then the teacher quietly agrees with you and takes your CD player to another place.

Also, I've noticed that music also gets you to say stuff you might not usually say. Some people will be normal in public, but when certain kind of music fills the air, their attitudes will change. Let's say I play some Metallica music. Some people will start moshing and head-banging, while others will sneer and taunt the people who like them. This will encourage the Metallica people to grab the non-Metallica people and toss them around a bit. But it's all in good fun!

But you always have to remember, music is the universal language. Of course, with some of today's artists, the rest of the universe might be getting the wrong sign.

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... Teenagers love music. Me included! Now, I coul...

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