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Music is the universal language. Everyone knows what music is, and musicians can convey any sort of feeling or experience with music. So why can it be so many different things, and yet be one thing all at the same time?

First of all, music is definitely one way to be different. In fact, that 'd' word is almost a way of describing music itself. It comes in all shapes and sizes. There's big-sounding music, small and quiet music, music with authority, and music that just floats away in the background. There's...country music. Yeesh. But let's not get my opinions splattered all over this Opinion Page article, shall we?

The person who invented music must have been odd at the time. I wonder who the smart one was a long time ago that said, "I make good noise!" as he banged out a loud beat, waiting for somebody else to join him. And when another creative tribe member came up to him and started knocking out a melody, I wonder what went through the minds of the fellow tribes people? I think, "Let's sacrifice these guys. They're weird," would be about right, because genius is usually never noticed in its own time. But later on their children probably realized that these people had a great idea, and history was written.

Music is different all by itself, too. There's all kinds of styles from peppy, upbeat tunes to slow, mellow songs. These appeal to people with all kinds of taste.

Which makes me wonder how different music styles came to be.

Let's look at rap. Sure, it might be pretty cool sounding, but when did it occur to someone that singing with very repetitive music in the background would become popular? I think it may have become popular because it's a lot like a story, with a little ambient music in the back. Even country music. I would've never thought that a song that's mostly about self pity would be very popular. I'd think the only time it'd sound good is if you'd be having a bad day, but you wanna see if someone's had a worse day! It looks like I've figured out why country music is so popular! Yee haw!

There's also such music types as rock, alternative, jazz, and even cajun. As soon as I mentioned cajun, you probably thought of the movie 'Deliverance.' Of course, you might have just thought of banjos. Ooooh. I can hear them now. Or maybe you just thought of some hot peppers, which usually go in cajun recipes. Or maybe you just wondered to yourself, "What is cajun?"

Christmas music is another type of music that is very distinctive. One song you may think of is 'Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer,' a Christmas...uh...classic! You probably have various reactions and memories just hearing that name, such as getting a bunch of relatives together, singing the song and videotaping yourselves! Wait a minute, that might just be my family...

But getting back to the subject, music is also alike in many ways,

too. It all has some kind of beat; it all has an array of different notes in

it; and almost every type of music is liked by someone. Even if you look at Hanson, you'll soon find out that about nine eleven-year-old girls in the country like their music! Apparently these nine girls have a lot of wealth, or else Hanson would be poor, just like all of the other teenage boys out there! Of course, Hanson must be very good at what it does. They've succeeded in convincing the public that, even though they wear their hair like that and have chapped lips all the time, they're of the male gender!

But enough Hanson bashing. Even though I could go on for a whole article making fun of Hanson, I won't. In fact, I've really haven't followed too many rules in writing this article. I spent a whole section bashing a group of teenagers. I teased country music a little bit when I really didn't mean to. Plus, I really, really overused the word 'different'! Well, if that's my crime, do what you must to me. Just don't take away my radio!

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... Music is the universal language. Everyone know...

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