Get your local United Way on the App Store quickly, easily, & affordably

"Do you have an app?"

If you haven't been asked this yet, you will.

App My Group is a turnkey solution to create a native mobile app featuring your local United Way's newest content.

Put your events on the map... literally

App My Group puts your group's events on a fun, easy-to-use map. Great whether it's one city block or across your state. Download United Way of East Central Iowa's free iOS app today to try it out.

Use your existing database

App My Group has already been integrated with Truist Volunteer Solutions, Andar/360, and Salesforce. App My Group uses your existing database to populate the map. If you use something other than these, App My Group can likely still integrate with your service - contact us to ask.



iOS & Android

iOS users love quality native apps, and App My Group gives a great experience for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad users.

People with Android phones, Macs, or PCs can also browse the volunteer opportunities map in a web browser. App My Group puts the map on your website simply by copy and pasting. Check out the map for the United Way of East Central Iowa.


Crafted by an expert iOS developer

Karl Becker, creator of App My Group, has over four years of iPhone development experience.
His work has been featured in the New York Times, Macworld, and more.

Karl will personally work with you to ensure you have a high-quality native iOS app.