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KTA Tennis / KGA Golf Bundle Purchase

Purchase KTA Tennis and KGA Golf together for only $28.00.

If purchased separately, the cost of the two games is $37.00.

That's a savings of about 25%, or $9.00 off.

KGA Golf is a golf game that lets you create your own courses. Download KGA Golf here to try it out.

Learn more about KTA Tennis and download it.



Purchase the KTA Tennis / KGA Golf bundle for only $25. Your credit card transaction will be safe & secure.

If you would rather purchase the Tennis / Golf Bundle from PayPal, click this button:

When you purchase KTA Tennis and KGA Golf, you will get future 1.x updates of both programs for free.

Purchasing KTA Tennis will completely unlock the game. This includes:

  • unlimited play time
  • all four characters playable
  • Intermediate and Professional difficulty levels
  • Automatic Game Save
  • 2-player mode
  • Learn more...

Purchasing KGA Golf also unlocks that game, featuring:

  • all courses playable
  • hole and course editor allow you to make your own dream course
  • Target Golf, a new way to play the game - aim for the bullseye
  • Learn more...
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