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Car Care



Track gas mileage for all your automobiles, and receive reminders to change oil, rotate tires, and other important car services.

Rated 4.5 out of 5 by MacWorld.com

  • Add multiple vehicles

  • Track oil changes, tire rotations, and other built-in vehicle services - or define your own

  • Supports odometers in miles or km

  • Enter quantity in gallons or liters, and easily switch between them

  •  Calculates mpg, L/100km, km/L, and mpg (UK)

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Track statistics for any game and share with friends on Facebook.

  • Store records for multiple people

  • Track different games for every person - basketball, soccer, golf, track and field, running, and more...

  • Use one of the many built-in sports templates, or create your own sport and stats

  • Analyze stats to view averages over a season, deviation from the averages, and average values for wins and losses - plus graphs!

  • Motivate student athletes, friends, team members, or yourself by recording data and seeing improvement

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